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Multirotor – what is it?

WTH is a multirotor, why is it better then a heli?


A multirotor is a 2+ motors driven device, able to takeoff or land vertically, just like the heli. The most used versions are the tricopter (3 booms/motors), Y6 (3 booms 6 motors), quadcopter (4 booms/motors), hexacopter (6 booms/motors), octocopter (8 booms/motors).

Any different combination is possible, based on funds and imagination.


Advantage of the heli vs multis:Heli icon

There is not much advantage of the heli over the multis, mostly just the acro features and that it can withstand the winds better.


Advantages of the multis vs heli:

  • diy solutions can be created more easily
  • price/value ratio is much better, expecially for video/AP platformcopter icon
  • less vibrations produced
  • many different kinds of flight controllers can be used, advantage of the open source code
  • additional sensors can be attached easily
  • more space for additional devices/electronics
  • cheap fpv platform
  • flight times beats the electric heli times easily
  • various and attractive design
  • more crashproof, repairs are much cheaper and easier
  • suitable for pure beginners


WTH is a drone?


Nowadays many started using the term “drone” for the multirotors, mostly quadcopters.

This term is a very confusing one, especially because many connects it with the military unmanned devices. However, it covers the good old multicopter term.


Main components


  • frame
  • flight controller
  • motor
  • speed controller
  • propeller
  • battery


Categorization by purpose


The easiest way to categorize them is by the purpose they are built/used.


[ toys ] (quadcopter)toy quadcopter

purpose: fun flying

drivers: price

level: beginner

funds: low


[ beginner copters ] (tricopter, quadcopter)beginner quadcopter

purpose: learn to fly

drivers: cheap components, toughness of the frame,  wide component availability, ARF (almost ready to fly), RTF (ready to fly) packages.

level: beginner

funds: low, medium


[ race copters ] (quadcopter)race quadcopter

purpose: racing

drivers: weight, flight time, frame toughness, device compatibility, specialized components (video, speed controllers, flight controllers, motors, props)

level: advanced, pro

funds: low, medium


[ AP (aerial photo/video) multis ] (hexacopter, octocopter,…)AP multicopter

purpose: photo/video shooting from above in high quality

drivers: flight time, weight to carry, stability, vibration dampening, link (rc, video) reliability

level: beginner, advanced, pro

funds: medium, high


[ long range copters ] (tricopter, quadcopter, hexacopter)LRS quadcopter

purpose: long distance/close distance high penetration flying

drivers: flight time, AUW (all up weight), motor efficiency, link (video, rc) reliability, specialized LRS (long range systems) components (video and rc link)

level: advanced, pro

funds: medium, high


[ work specialized multis ] (hexacopter, octocopter, …)octocopter

purpose: commercial business, police, military, medical, …

drivers: weight to carry, link reliability, waypoint navigation, flight time, redundancy, legal aspects, more than 1 person to operate

level: pro

funds: high


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