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Voice controlled 1:5 scale rover

Transmitter cased

The project is frozen a bit due to another projects.
The last thing I made was to put all the TX electronics into 1 box so I could use it in a carry and go way.
This way I only put on the headphones, power on the box and play.

The vehicle is getting its rest until spring, at least.

Transmitter cased

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BB gun added (rover armed)

Finally found time for finishing the project (first draft, at least). A mini uzi has been added to get the rover armed.

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Rover field test

Some more progress has been made.
The stock microphone has been exchanged for a noise cancelling one.
Speech recognition rate is now close to 100%.

More commands are going to be implemented into the code, for speed adjusting and turret control.
I am thinking of building a kinda pointer for the turret (as both my hands are free during RC control),
something similar to the Wii Nunchuk but in a manner of point and shoot. Seeking for technical solutions.

So I decided to go for the rover field test. Check here:

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Voice comand control - first test

I have written the code for the mixing of throttle and turn channels during the weekend and tested it yesterday.
The voice comand control solution has been tested in the rover.

Control is quite responsive, now the only issue seems to be the microphone sensitivity to nearby noises.
Unfortunately, what is 100% in a quiet room that is not as good in the open area.

Check the vid:

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Servo jitter eliminated

Finally I found a solution for the servo jitter problem today. As suspected, the SoftwareSerial library of Arduino was interfering with the EasyVR library.
After reconfiguring the software to use hardware serial now it is working as expected.

So what we have here is currently 4 channels (can be raised up to 13) that can be controlled by speech.
The test below confirms the concept (with 2 channels). For english language commands wind to 01:15:


Within the next few days I shall build this solution to the rover and find out how to make the control smooth. Stay tuned

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Speech recognition connected to RC module

There is a new progress with the speech recognition connected to RC module.

The DHT HF module has arrived some time ago and now it is connected to the
Arduino board and EasyVR module.
For some time I was fighting with the connection of Arduino output signal to the HF module.
With the help of some guys from the local RC forum now it is working well.
By modifying some existing codes now I am able to generate clean PPM signal via Arduino board and send it out to the HF module.

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Pan/tilt head added

The pan/tilt head from Robotshop finally arrived, as well as my 20kg/cm Bluebird servos.
So I exchanged the former Hitec servos for the Bluebirds. They are a bit noisy as they are digital, but they do nice job.

The tilt mechanics has been fixed to the pan base. The FOV is ~120 degrees which is comfortable for FPV riding and turret aiming.
The movement of pan/tilt is fast enough for future aiming.
An 1lbs airsoft handgun has been fixed on it and tested the movement. So far so good.
Unfortunately the mechanical structure of the gun does not allow to pull the trigger with any kinda servo, while it is too stiff.
I need to find some other turret solution.

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First steps of the beast

I made some progress during the weekend.

As my 20kg/cm servos are still on the way I decided to throw in some 4.7kg/cm servos for initial tests and went hill climbing.
I was a bit afraid as the rover is quite heavy, about 15lbs, and there is just the basic electronics built yet, so It will get heavier soon.

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Voice command (speech recognition)

This is where the project recently is.

The steering servos are on the way, the pan/tilt system with the servos is on the way, the GPS is on the way
and now I am thinking of an APM 2.x module for waypoint navigation to buy.
I would need to buy the video transmitter for FPV so I do not have to relocate the existing from my quadcopter.

However, in the meantime there came an idea about alternative RC control so I went for it.


Arduino based RC control with speech recognition module

The main idea is quite simple: get a speech recognition module, bind it to a microcontroller and send the output PPM signal to a HF module.
Get the servos move on the other side, 1km far away.

Most similar projects use the speech module to drive a car locally, i.e. in the range of its microphone.
When you are more than few metres from the car it is useless.
For FPV purpose, the signal generated by the speech commands need to get to the receiver, far far away.

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Killer Krawler kit and other components chosen

The rover platform (kit):

RC4WD's Killer Krawler is a crawler kit which comes without any electronics, wheels, cables, simply nada.
Just the bare chassis with axles, gearboxes and 2 pinion gears.
My decision was mainly influenced by the fact that it is of 1/5 scale and all the parts are crafted (CNC'd) from aluminium, no plastic parts.
All the parts fit nearly perfectly so the manufactoring process quality is high.

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Sentry rover - the concept

Hi there,

for unspecified reason some time ago I decided to build a kind of sentry rover.

The requirements were:
platform big enough to hold all the electronics and pan/tilt system
pan/tilt system to hold and able to move at least 6lbs weight
fpv gear for out of sight control
all terrain capability
rover capable of very slow movement
get it all made with limited funds (~1500$)

Possible additional features:
weather proof gear
alternative control method
waypoint navigation with obstacle avoidance

After a lot of searching I decided for RC4WD's Killer Krawler 1/5 scale version, as a rover platform.


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