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Best nightvision platform

Bohb’s answersCategory: night visionBest nightvision platform
jeff scharf asked 2 years ago

Hi Bohb,
I had a chance to review a few of your build videos and articles. There is some really good stuff here. I am currently working on building a night vision quad copter. I was hoping to repurpose as many components as I could. I currently have

  1. Runcam Owl (IR sensitive)
  2. IR LED Array
  3. and a Blade 200QX mounted on CF frame.

The problem I am running into is that the 200QX is powered from a 2S lipo. 7.4V is not enough to power my LED array, but I do not want to use a step-up regulator. Everything is already starting to get a bit heavy.
I saw a few of your night vision quadcopter videos are not that recent. If you were setting the same quadcopter up right now, what size would you use, and would you use the 3d printed frame?
Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.
Jeff Scharf