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300-sized LRS quadcopter

First aerial video made with M300 quadcopter

Not so long ago I crashed the bird and destroyed 1 motor and esc on my M300 quadcopter.
As I had to replace them very soon (because of holiday) I simply changed the Blheli flashed ones for the cheapo HK F-20A.
Flashed them of course with Simonk 2013-05-15FW.
No problem with the motors or escs so far.

And the footage, which was shot by the Balaton lake, Hungary:


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Similar quadcopter frame (M300), different flyer

And some footage of another Hungarian RC pilot, made with a similar quadcopter frame (M300):


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M300 quadcopter FPV maiden

Brought the M300 quad finally out for an fpv ride.

It was quite "itchy", regarding the throttle, need to give it more expo to be handy.
Also I needed to modify a bit on a jello dampener, it was still too loose for me.

The quad is still to light, it hovers at around 40% with 760g AUW, with 2.8Ah 3s battery and 7x3.8SF props.
Measured flight time is now 10.5 minutes with dynamic flying style.
The HK 10A escs were exchanged to Himulti Blheli flashed 20A ones, because of high temperature here.

And the result:


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Jello killed on M300 quadcopter

Tested the Mobius today in sunshine.
Just two words: f@ck jello Jello killed on M300 quadcopter!

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Jello killer and Mobius added

The Mobius camera has finally been installed, as well as the Lawmate 2.4g TX.

I had to mill a new upper deck to deploy the Naze32 directly.
Now it is hanging from the upper deck, rather than to be mounted on the bottom deck.

I had time to workout the right PID settings for heading hold and altitude hold,
the transition from HORIZON mode to BARO mode is smooth,
altitude hold works as charm.

The new upper deck allows more spacing between the vTX and the LRS receiver,
and allows the Mobius to go to the top.
This way the propellers (7" !) are out of the camera FOV.
Even this deployment allows to use a special jello dampener, which
kills most of the jello.

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M300 quadcopter full black version maiden

The M300 quadcopter full black version has finally made its first flight.

I had to decide between the Openpilot CC3D and the Naze32 to power the quad.
Ultimately, I gave my vote to Naze32 for various reasons but the main driver was the fact that it has still live support and is developing.

The final config is the following:

PHNX m300 diy fpv frame fully made from black G10
Naze32 FC
Sunnysky 2204s 2300kv motors
HK F-10A Simonized escs (2013-05-15 bs.hex)
HK 7x3.8SF nylon props
2200mAh 3s LiPo
AUW 520g

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Flight test with 7" propellers

Unfortunately after a few flight tests one of my escs simply burnt down while spinning up before takeoff.
The reason is 99% described here:

Later on I reflashed all of my escs with another version of bs.hex and since
then, the quad flies like a dream.

Recently I exchanged the props for 7x3.8SF.
The quad flies surprisingly quietly with those, comparing to any different props.

You can see the flight test with 7" propellers here:

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M300 quadcopter maiden

My smallest 300mm diy quad is finally ready and flown today.

The frame is able to hold any 45/36mm FC, so I voted for the KK2.0 for the first test.

I decided for the Sunnysky X2204S 2300kv motors, as they have the right punch

to twist 7" propellers. Still, the current do not rise above ~9A, so any 10A speed controller

is suitable for this config.

The power test can be seen here:

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M300 fpv quadcopter - the concept

By the time the 250 sized quads become popular I decided to create something similar, but slightly bigger, for long range flying (using LRS).

The primary aim is to have a lightweight but strong construction, allowing very long flight times (~15 minutes) at moderate distances.

To avoid problems with RF shielding, I voted for G10 glassfiber material that is rigid enough for the application.

As I have a hobby-grade CNC machine I went for creating own drawings and start testing the frame.

After the successful tests, the quad will be powered by the Rlink LRS system and Lawmate 2.4G 1W vTX.

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