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150-sized FPV fullHD quadcopter

M150F micro fpv quadcopter reconfigured

The quad has been reconfigured a bit, got Blheli 14.4 and Betaflight 2.3.5.

Now all feature of Blheli (except damped light) and Betaflight (including AIR mode) can be used.

I have also tried different, smaller (600mAh) battery for better agility.

The quad now flies better, and video is more smooth.

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M150F mini fpv quad refurbished

During one of the last flights I again had to realize that the silicone dampeners are too hard to find in the grass, after a crash.

So I decided to try a similar mount for the camera like we use in our 250-sized race quads.

The mount for this little quad was designed long time ago, for one of my friends. He tested it and upon his video feed the picture was OK.

Despite of this, I have never tested it yet on my copter.


The solution is ready, tests will follow soon. AUW of the bird is still 190g.

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Fun flying with M150F

M150F diy micro quadcopter fun flying:

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M150F micro quadcopter travel pack solution

Finally I bought this case from Hobbyking so i can my micro anywhere with me. A similar case was bought for the radio.

Now when I go out, it is enough to throw the 2 cases plus the googles case into a backpack and I am ready for action.

So the M150F travel pack solution is ready, as simply as possible.


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M150F micro quadcopter FPV race

A short vid about the last race of the M150F micro quadcopter, flying qualifying laps:


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M150F micro quadcopter cruising

A recent video about the M150F micro quadcopter cruising, a bit windy again.
Ground proximity range test at 04:30


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M150F micro quadcopter FPV maiden

Okay so here it is. First fpv flight of the prototype v4.
I have named it as M150F so I shall call it like that from now on.
"F" stands for the FullHD of course :-)

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Flight time test of the M150F micro quadcopter

I have tested the flight time of the M150F micro quadcopter today, just briefly in the garden.

Airborne for 09:30 minutes:

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FullHD on M150 micro quadcopter achieved

Today I finished the last (ultimate) prototype, the V4.

I am proud to introduce the V4, capable of making fullHD video,
while keeping the 9 minutes flight time and having the same range as before, 300m.

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FPV flight with the jello killer

Yesterday I threw out the camera battery as It was working just some 8-9 minutes in the colds we have here now (around -10C).
Instead, I built in a DC converter that provides stable 4.2V for the camera, as soon as the quadcopter is powered.
This way, the cam will never shut down again during the flight, so I have nothing more to worry in cold weather like this anymore.

Additionally, the diy jello killer was tested on the quadcopter.

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Jello killed!

The new, resized silicone damper is ready by now and it seems that finally, the quad has proven itself for jello killed completely.

The final AUW is 184g, so dynamic flight time remains at 10 minutes.
The prototype v3 with 720p footage is tested OK so I declare the solution ready for any future flying in the 150 category.

The last sample:

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Killing the jello

Today I made a few tests for killing the jello (eliminating it completely).

I have read a lot about anti-vibration solutions for lightweight cameras like this,
but could not find any satisfactory description.
The problem is that the keychain cam is only 17g, so it has not enough inertia
to dampen the unwanted wibes.

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XMAS race

XMAS race flown with the prototype nr. 1, and recorded with my DVR by sunset.


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M150 prototype 3 fpv maiden

The first check of the M150 prototype 3 in the underground parking lot:

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M150 prototype 3 maiden

M150 prototype 3 is finally ready.

I have mounted the 808 #16 v3 keychain cam, as well as the 1280MHz vTX onto the quad.
The cam is powered from its own battery, I have only added a tiny adjustable DC converter for the vTX.
This time I set it to 5.15V, to have a slightly better range (more voltage more RF power),
I hope I am still on the safe side.
The converter and the vTX are stuck together with a double sided tape and shrink wrapped.
Some time ago I ordered more diy USB connectors so I created one for the 808 #16 v3.

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M150 prototype v3 build

Just finished the M150 prototype v3, I think I am on the good way to be able to add the neccessary load.
This time I used tiny speed controllers and tried to get rid of any possible weight.

The AUW is now 148g, with 2s/950mAh battery, this is without the FPV gear.
The vTX, camera and BEC will add approx. 25g, so still with the HD camera the quad
will remain below 180g.
That means that I can keep the 9-10 minutes dynamic flight time, while shooting in 720p.

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M150 prototype v2 fpv maiden

My secondly ordered DVR arrived at last.
Made a short test vid in dim light conditions, that is why the footage is B/W.

I shall try to find a day when the park lot is mostly empty and there is no traffic.
Then I can make a longer trip inside it

For now this is what the DVR saw:

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M150 prototype v2 maiden

Until my DVR arrives I have no recorded fpv video, only a quick shot about the M150 prototype v2 maiden:

Until now I never needed any DVR as my 300-sized quads all use the Mobius cam either for fpv view or for HD recording.

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M150 micro fpv FullHD quadcopter - the concept

I am building quads for some time, but stuck on 300-size for quite a long time.

A few months ago I got an idea of building a lightweight quad, that fulfill the following:
- good penetration (able to fly behind creeks, trees, building structures)
- range (at least 300m@1m above ground)
- approx. 10min. flight time
- size (small enough to throw it into a backpack)
- size (big enough to fly in winds)
- toughness (ability to survive most of the crashes)
- null maintenance (brushless motors)

The main idea was to have a little quad that can fit into any backpack, together with the radio and video googles.
Then I can go e.g. cycling and stop at any place I want to fly.

I simply call it the M150 micro fpv FullHD quadcopter, aka M150F in the final version.

It will be most possibly the first brushless quad in the world that supports jello free FullHD video.

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