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New backpack for hiking (for micro quads)

Technology stepped ahead again and today it is possible to have fullHD video even on small 130-150 sized quadcopters so I decided to go for one.

The build of the quad is described in another topic, but I realized that the backpack that I used until now was suddenly too large to bring with me everywhere. Many times I got to places where I needed to get through small holes and the big backpack just made it harder.

So I started a search for a backpack that offers protection, can hold all the equipment (radio, goggles, copter, batteries, accessories), is waterproof and most importantly is small enough to make hiking comfortable enough. And of course is cheap enough :-)

Unfortunately I run again into the same problem as many times: there is no such thing available in the market. So I had to create one for my needs.

ketzsak1 ketzsak2 zs1 zs2 zs3

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M305 LRS FPV quad load test

Quad finally tested in air.

Equipped with 2pcs 2800mAh/30C 3S LiPo batteries, the quad hovered at half throttle with 6x4.5 GF reinforced propellers.

AUW is 820g, without the FPV gear.


The final aim is to use 7x3.8SF props, where the power usage should decrease a bit more.

Estimated final dynamic flight time with 5.6Ah 3s batt would be around 20 minutes.



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M305 LRS fpv quadcopter ready for takeoff

The quad is now ready for the maiden.

AUW is 595g without the fpv camera, vTX and HD camera.

Recently I do not have 7" props, so I shall use 6x4.5CF props for the first tests.


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M305 LRS fpv quadcopter frame ready

The initially planned 280mm M2M has been raised to 305mm finally.

This way, the quad is able to equip 7" propellers, and the 2.8Ah 3s LiPo battery, that ensures long flight times.

The space between the decks is enough to equip any kind of FC, receiver, vTX, fpv camera and HD camera.

Planned motors for this frame are the 2300kv Sunnys, the flight times will be long due to their efficiency.

The build will start soon, and I hope the fpv maiden can be done by the weekend.

The frame is made of glassfiber, the arms are 5mm thick, decks 1.5mm thick, weight is 170g.

It is practically indestructible, similar to the smaller models.

The arms will get longer spacers and the battery goes to the bottom.


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Small 280 size quadcopter for bush and forest ride

Some time ago I started to check 280, 300 sized available frames on the net that are capable of handling 6" and 7" props.

Beside that, I need to equip the quad with a 2.8Ah-3Ah 3s LiPo, for long flight times.

Because of the size of the battery it can be mounted only to the bottom of the quad, so a landing gear is a must.

I would bear anything, made either from glassfiber or carbon fiber material.

Unfortunately, I found nothing suitable. No manufacturer is able to fulfill these requirements!!

What a shame.


Again, I am pushed to design and manufacture an own solution, so I started working on it. For the design, I borrowed one of my previous project (M250) and reworked it, to have a bit wider body (because of the 5.8G 1000mW vTX), and a bit longer arms, to be able to use 7" props.

Fortunately, it was an easy work, thans to the previous experiences with designing quads.

The arms will be supported by aluminium spacers, this will work as a landing gear.

The battery goes to the bottom, as planned. There will be a load of space on the upper deck, so I may think even about to use my LRS diversity receiver.

I shall cut it from G10 glassfiber on my CNC. As soon as it is cut I shall recheck the measures and weight but I expect the frame to be very lightweight.

This, with the combination of Sunnysky 2300kv motors, 7" slowfly props and 20A Oneshot escs should do the job. The FC will be of course the Naze32.


More info will follow soon...

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Backpack for equipment

Recently I bought the Multistar backpack from Hobbyking and I am really satisfied with it.


Multistar backpack Multistar backpack


I was searching for some time for a multicopter backpack. First I tried to check all available items, designed for multirotors.

Some were not suitable at all, and some were too expensive.

Later on I realized that the manufacturer of similar products make these for photographers, so I started to check those on the net.

However, those that were big size enough were expensive so me best bet was the HK's product.

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