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H.A.L. long range fpv AP quadcopter


Long range FPV quadcopter, AP shooting, relatively small size, longer flight time.


  • HK H.A.L. aluminium frame, 585mm M2M
  • Tiger MT2814-10 770kv motor
  • Hk F-40A Simonk esc
  • Rctimer CF 13×4 prop
  • Naza M Lite
  • 433MHz Rlink LRS receiver
  • HK Zippy 5s 3000mAh/20C lipo x2
  • Lawmate 2.4g 1W vTX
  • Gopro H3B
  • AUW 3kg
  • Tested dynamis flight time 9.5 minutes



FPV range test:


Status: retired (disassembled, sold)

Remark: one of the best configurations for AP shooting.


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