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Frame – AP

For AP (aerial photography) platform we usually use hexa or octocopters, and in some cases quadcopters as well.

6 or more boom multicopters are needed especially in cases when we need to lift cameras of heavier weights (1+kg). The additional 2 booms, compared to a quadcopter can give us the necessary thrust to lift heavy weight devices into the air, while keeping the flight times on the same level.

octocopter frame

The important features for an AP frame would be the following:

  • rigidity
  • M2M size
  • material
  • portability
  • retractable landing gear
  • price

It is important do we choose a frame that can be portable, have enough clearance for mounting the gimbal, camera, battery holders. In case of shooting in 360 degrees it is also important to have a retractable landing gear, so the camera have a clear view in all directions.

For AP the usage of the gimbals is a must.

Camera gimbal


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