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DIY gimbal mount for Feiyu Tech Mini3D on XJ470

CNC'd plate for Mini3D to use with stock XJ470 legs

Some time ago I decided to put together a solution for aerial video.

I have chosen the Quanum XJ470 frame (pricedrop in CyberSale), that has 470mm M2M, so it is not too large but suitable for aerial shooting.

I wanted to keep the AUW as low as possible, so I decided to keep the stock legs. The only problem with these is that they are a bit fragile,

and there is not too much space between the quad decks and the ground.

So the question was what kind of gimbal should I use. Finally I voted for the Feiyu Tech Mini3D gimbal, which had lowered price before Xmas.

I did not know the measures of it but was hoping to find some solution when it arrived.


When the gimbal and frame finally arrived I realized that the factory solutions for mounting the gimbal are too heavy for my taste.

Fortunately, I have a CNC machine so I cut a plate for the gimbal, exchanging the stock upper plate of it, that comes with the gimbal.

This way I saved around 40g weight, as the diy cut plate is from G10 glassfiber material, weighing only 12g.


By using it, I still have ~30mm clearance between the lowest position of the gimbal and the stock legs.

Of course, the gimbal has free movement in all directions.



As soon as the XJ470 is ready to fly I shall post some test videos.

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