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DIY infrared illuminator ready

While I am still waiting for some fpv components to arrive, I have finished the driver for the IR illuminator and packed it together with the IR leds. For now, I decided to mount the whole pack in top of the battery, until it will be thoroughly tested. Of course the IR leds are not protected well enough this way, so I will try not to crash the copter during the tests.

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M250NV quadcopter build progress

The illuminator mount is ready, I have made it from an old aluminium plate. Now I am trying to find out where to fix it on the M250NV quadcopter frame. Initially, the idea was to fix it to the upper deck, in between the rubber dampeners but I will see how the fpv camera will fit when it arrives.

Yeah I forgot to mention, I decided to use the fpv camera finally. The reason is simple, at some speeds the Mobius sensitivity may not be enough to detect and avoid obstacles in time.

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DIY 250 sized glassfiber frame ready

The frame for the project was finished today. It is the same model I use for my racing quadcopter, planned from scratch and redesigned a few times. I shall call this specific model as M250NV.

It is made from black G10 glassfiber material, cut with my hobbyCNC machine.

The weight without the screws (alu spacers included) is 120g.

M250NV quadcopter frame


The frame is announced to be unbreakable. I am using 2 of these for some time, and after many crashes both are still intact.



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