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New backpack for hiking (for micro quads)

Technology stepped ahead again and today it is possible to have fullHD video even on small 130-150 sized quadcopters so I decided to go for one.

The build of the quad is described in another topic, but I realized that the backpack that I used until now was suddenly too large to bring with me everywhere. Many times I got to places where I needed to get through small holes and the big backpack just made it harder.

So I started a search for a backpack that offers protection, can hold all the equipment (radio, goggles, copter, batteries, accessories), is waterproof and most importantly is small enough to make hiking comfortable enough. And of course is cheap enough :-)

Unfortunately I run again into the same problem as many times: there is no such thing available in the market. So I had to create one for my needs.

ketzsak1 ketzsak2 zs1 zs2 zs3

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