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New backpack for hiking (for micro quads)

Technology stepped ahead again and today it is possible to have fullHD video even on small 130-150 sized quadcopters so I decided to go for one.

The build of the quad is described in another topic, but I realized that the backpack that I used until now was suddenly too large to bring with me everywhere. Many times I got to places where I needed to get through small holes and the big backpack just made it harder.

So I started a search for a backpack that offers protection, can hold all the equipment (radio, goggles, copter, batteries, accessories), is waterproof and most importantly is small enough to make hiking comfortable enough. And of course is cheap enough :-)

Unfortunately I run again into the same problem as many times: there is no such thing available in the market. So I had to create one for my needs.

ketzsak1 ketzsak2 zs1 zs2 zs3

After some thinking I voted for a hardshell backpack identical to the one I already use for my Phantom 3A. Fortunately Banggood offered the Realacc hardshell backpack for just around 35USD, shipped from EU, including shipping fee as well. So this was quite cheap.

My idea was to buy the backpack and buy some cubed foam so I can create any shape holes for my equipment. I bought two 575x350x90 sized block for around 15GBP which was cheap.

Then when I examined the backpack the first time after arrival I noticed that there was no need for the foam, as I could perfectly used the existing holes with slight modifications. I cut out some places so my radio could fit as well as the goggles, and then I glued the previously cut material to some holes to get closed spaces, e.g. for batteries. After an 5 hours of work, the result is more than satisfying.

I got enough space for my recently arrived Taranis X7, the goggles, the quad, and even have space on both sides for 8 batteries in each holes. Accessories like props, screwers, Lipo checkers and such goes into any small holes just around.

So it is done! My new backpack is way smaller, lighter and offer the same protection as the predecessor. It holds my new Japalura 3 (138mm M2M) which is fullHD capable and crashproof.

So I am prepared for hiking and I am looking forward to end of winter and some nice weather.


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