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M170NV final form

Long time no see… :-)


In the last year I did not have too much time for this site but recently I am getting to free time again so let me continue with the story.

In the meantime the M170NV has been reworked, the case exchanged and it got the final form.


As winter came, I decided to go out to do some test flights, after a 1-year pause. Unfortunately the camera focus was a bit off, the video quality is quite bad.

Since then, I have refocused the camera so the next video should be okay. Now I am waiting for a suitable weather, that would be a frosty night without snow.

Until then, here is a video of a park flight from March 2016:


To aid my night flights, I also constructed an IR beacon. For that I needed to rebuild a long time not used fisherman’s lamp.

In the meantime I also found the info that the English guys who were working on a similar project like my IR illuminator just finished their prototype and went commercial.

They product can be seen and bought in this link, if anybody is interested:

Maybe they get the idea of selling an IR strobe useful :-) Guys, feel free to create a commercial model!


…more to come…

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