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3D printed M170 quad – build almost ready

Hardly done, but I had assembled averything together, except the infrared illuminator. It will be mounted after the successful maiden.

The AUW is now 489g, that will growb a bit above 500g when the illuminator and the appropriate heatsinks are mounted.

Powered by Betaflight, at 4k/4k/16k. Racestar 20A ESCs are providing Multishot protocol, so I expect the same smoothness as with my M180A race copter.

Currently, the Runcam Owl is built into the frame, that provides sufficient picture even in the darkest light conditions.

Test video from the camera output is here:

And some pics of the AR build:

NV M170 3D NV M170 3D NV M170 3D NV M170 3D

I plan the maiden very soon, so stay tuned…


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