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M305 LRS fpv quadcopter frame ready

The initially planned 280mm M2M has been raised to 305mm finally.

This way, the quad is able to equip 7″ propellers, and the 2.8Ah 3s LiPo battery, that ensures long flight times.

The space between the decks is enough to equip any kind of FC, receiver, vTX, fpv camera and HD camera.

Planned motors for this frame are the 2300kv Sunnys, the flight times will be long due to their efficiency.

The build will start soon, and I hope the fpv maiden can be done by the weekend.

The frame is made of glassfiber, the arms are 5mm thick, decks 1.5mm thick, weight is 170g.

It is practically indestructible, similar to the smaller models.

The arms will get longer spacers and the battery goes to the bottom.


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