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Small 280 size quadcopter for bush and forest ride

Some time ago I started to check 280, 300 sized available frames on the net that are capable of handling 6″ and 7″ props.

Beside that, I need to equip the quad with a 2.8Ah-3Ah 3s LiPo, for long flight times.

Because of the size of the battery it can be mounted only to the bottom of the quad, so a landing gear is a must.

I would bear anything, made either from glassfiber or carbon fiber material.

Unfortunately, I found nothing suitable. No manufacturer is able to fulfill these requirements!!

What a shame.


Again, I am pushed to design and manufacture an own solution, so I started working on it. For the design, I borrowed one of my previous project (M250) and reworked it, to have a bit wider body (because of the 5.8G 1000mW vTX), and a bit longer arms, to be able to use 7″ props.

Fortunately, it was an easy work, thans to the previous experiences with designing quads.

The arms will be supported by aluminium spacers, this will work as a landing gear.

The battery goes to the bottom, as planned. There will be a load of space on the upper deck, so I may think even about to use my LRS diversity receiver.

I shall cut it from G10 glassfiber on my CNC. As soon as it is cut I shall recheck the measures and weight but I expect the frame to be very lightweight.

This, with the combination of Sunnysky 2300kv motors, 7″ slowfly props and 20A Oneshot escs should do the job. The FC will be of course the Naze32.


More info will follow soon…

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