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Night vision fpv quadcopter project successful

After a long journey, I came to the point so I can finally state, that the project is finished and successful.

For this, I had to triple the infrared LED arrays, but finally I have enough light power to see everything that needs to be noticed while doing fast proximity flying. The diy illuminator module now contains two 940nm arrays on sides, and one 850nm array at the center. Currently there are three independent LED drivers, all set to 830mA. The estimated light power is around 8700mW, while the intake power is around 40W. Sure the module is heating as hell while on ground, but when airborne, the temps are just within the specs.

The AUW is now 660g, flight time with 1300mAh/4s LiPo is 6 minutes, and 4.5 min. if speeding.

I was so pleased by the today’s test that I forgot to try out the recently arrived low light lens for the fpv camera :-)

Nevermind, here is the video about the last test:

Now I am going to find some nice places that I can flight by night. There is maybe just one more thing that can be adjusted, changing the dissipating circuits for some switching ones, to achieve better efficiency and lower weight and temperatures. And of course to test the LLL (low light lens) on the Starlight fpv camera. Maybe by the next flight…

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