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Finalizing the night vision fpv quadcopter

Yesterday I did the first airborne test with the Surveilzone’s Starlight camera (CC1564). The result is still not satisfying, although much better than with the former HS1177 (PZ042) fpv camera. Much more details could be seen but still, for fast proximity flying the illumination level is too low.

The good news is, that the fpv camera is really able to handle the 4s LiPo, so I had not have to use additional DC converter on the quadcopter. The AUW of the bird is now 635g.

I will try to reposition the illuminator as when flying just a bit higher than ground level, there is not enough light to see the ground well. I should adjust the angle of the infrared modules, and I need to move them closer to the nose of the quad, so the Mobius does not partially shade the IR light. In addition to that, I will set the fpv camera back to B/W mode, as I hope that it will increase the sensitivity in overall.

The next test will be done today by night. Until then, I share the yesterdays video. Note that I was too tired to realize that I picked a wrong position and during the whole duration of flight, the 5.8G CP patch antenna was turned back to the copter, so I flown behind it. That is why the picture is flickering :-( Culpa mea.

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