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Surveilzone Starlight camera (CC1564) test

The Starlight camera finally arrived so I could do the ground tests.

The camera is said to be as sensitive as 0.00008 LUX and capable of operating from 4S LiPo battery. For now, I run it from a 3s battery.

The only setting I made in the OSD was to set the camera to B/W mode. Beside that, I changed the stock 3.6mm IR CUT lens for the 3.6mm IR sensitive one.

The result is quite satisfying. The camera performs very well either in very dark places or in well-lit areas. Comparing to my HS1177 (PZ042, CC1333), it is much more sensitive to ANY light it can process. However, in very dark places the picture getsĀ  quite grainy.

I have not noticed any lag different from the HS1177, even with DNR settings in AUTO, that should be around 30ms. Many says the cam is not suitable for proximity flying because of lag and blurriness but I think the opposite. Soon I will test it in the near park to prove the statement.

In the video above I compared the picture of the CC1564 to the IR sensitive Mobius, first in the darkness (just a weak street lamp), and later on when the area was illuminated by a 940nm infrared module.

Later on, I try the camera even in color mode and was surprised that the picture seemed to be a bit better during no extra light and much better when adding extra illumination. So I decided to left it in color mode finally.

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