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FPV maiden flight of the NV quad

Yesterday, the fpv maiden was done. It was only a half success, I nearly killed the copter a few times, when I lost orientation completely, because the FPV camera could not see the trees in the dark. The onboard video, taken by the  DomHD DVR unit is much brighter than the real picture, so the quad seems to be controllable but believe me it was not. I was nearly blind, during the whole flight duration.

The best flight can be seen here:


2 major things need to be adjusted:

  • FPV camera (sensitivity still low with 0.01LUX, a starlight camera is desperately needed)
  • +1 IR illuminator (angled at different height, so either the hover or the FFF is covered)

The project is frozen until the new starlight camera and the additional IR LED module arrives.

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