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DIY infrared illuminator ready

While I am still waiting for some fpv components to arrive, I have finished the driver for the IR illuminator and packed it together with the IR leds. For now, I decided to mount the whole pack in top of the battery, until it will be thoroughly tested. Of course the IR leds are not protected well enough this way, so I will try not to crash the copter during the tests.

The IR LED star has been mounted on an aluminium frame, which can spread the heat a little bit. The LM317 has got a heatsink, although just a small one.

Still, the pack is heating up very fast, after 1 minute of operation, both the aluminium frame around the star and the IC heatsink are too hot to touch. The high power resistors are just warm.

I hope that the propeller airflow will be enough for cooling the pack during the flight. If that fails I have to rework the whole pack, by using bigger heatsinks, so the whole solution will be bigger and heavier. The weight of the pack is now 26g.

So, I put it on the quad, on top of the battery and went testing. Unfortunately there are rains the last few days and everything is wet around so I did not want to start the props, just hold the quad in my hands and look around, with full fpv gear on. There came the next surprise.

I assumed that the fpv camera would see better in the dark as the hacked Mobius. I was so wrong. As the fpv cam (HS1177) is IR filtered, nothing could be seen in the darkness, after I turned the garden lights off. So I have to wait now for the non-IR blocked version that I ordered a few days back.

Here is a short vid about the attempt:


As soon as the new fpv cam arrives I can finally go out for a field test.


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