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M250NV quadcopter build progress

The illuminator mount is ready, I have made it from an old aluminium plate. Now I am trying to find out where to fix it on the M250NV quadcopter frame. Initially, the idea was to fix it to the upper deck, in between the rubber dampeners but I will see how the fpv camera will fit when it arrives.

Yeah I forgot to mention, I decided to use the fpv camera finally. The reason is simple, at some speeds the Mobius sensitivity may not be enough to detect and avoid obstacles in time.

Now I am waiting for the fpv camera, the Frsky rceiver and the 5.8G vTX to get the job finished.

In the meantime I plan and finish the LED driver that I need for the illuminator solution. The input voltage will be straight the output from the 4cell LiPo, so I have to use bigger resistors, designed for higher power. Despite of that I would like the whole driver to have as small as possible. Even I have to take care of the cooling of the LM317 as it may get hot soon when working.


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