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DIY 250 sized glassfiber frame ready

The frame for the project was finished today. It is the same model I use for my racing quadcopter, planned from scratch and redesigned a few times. I shall call this specific model as M250NV.

It is made from black G10 glassfiber material, cut with my hobbyCNC machine.

The weight without the screws (alu spacers included) is 120g.

M250NV quadcopter frame


The frame is announced to be unbreakable. I am using 2 of these for some time, and after many crashes both are still intact.



Soon IM250NV quadcopter frame shall mount the electronics into the frame. The parts will be the same as for the last 2 frames, Naze32 acro FC, DYS 1806 2300kv motors, Afro 12A escs (OS+DL), 5×4.5BN props, diy power distribution board, Aomway 5.8G 200mW vTX, 5cm SMA pigtail, Aomway RHCP antenna, diy battery connector solution.

The battery pack will be 4 cell as always.

I plan to mount the IR illuminator in between the deck plates, instead of the fpv camera. This way the illuminator will be protected from crashes. The disadvantage is that I have to use Mobius live output for fpv, and the action cam is still not as sensitive to infrared light as an average fpv camera.

In any case, the first test will show if this solution is fine or not.

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