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IR LED array illuminator test successful

The Osram IR LED array arrived today. After getting home I quickly created a test platform and went out to try it.

The result is outstanding! The array of size of 25mm x 25mm, driven only by 650mA illuminated the whole garden at a level that Mobius was able to record it. I will drive the array by 1A current later on, to get the full optical power, but anyhow, the current power level is enough for fast proximity flying.

Note that the FPV camera is much more sensitive to IR than the Mobius so night flying will not be a problem anymore. Now my only problem is to encapsulate the whole solution into a case so it can be protected from unwanted landings :-)

Check it out:

The recording was taken by the hacked Mobius camera.

The test of the IR led array went successful so after the encapsulating, this tiny and lightweight device will shine through the darkness, instead of a heavier, big size IR LED board that is not capable of the same optical power anyway. Of course the price of the solution is higher, but I do not mind it as size, weight and current consumption are very important factors on a 250-sized quadcopter.

Note that by using 940nm LEDs the brigtness is just about 1:4 compared to an 850nm array but as I stated I wanted a stealth solution and this one truly complies. No red glow, no visual light emission at all. Nobody will realize what bypasses in a dark park or any other dark spot, and that was the goal.


Now it is time to mount it on my race quad and go flying! FPV video will follow soon…


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