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Choosing the best 940nm IR illuminator

The laser IR illuminators are on a parking lane for some time, as I could not find any useful information about defocusing the beam. Unfortunately, most of IR lasers are used for burning, and using focusing lens. What I need is the opposite.


So I turned back to LEDs again and after some more searching I found a solution that can be suitable (or at least I hope it can).

Still, I give a try to the 940nm leds, to achieve the full stealthiness, although the leds at this wavelength are not as powerful as the 850 or 808nm IR ones.


The victim is the led array provided by ILS, using Osram’s most powerful “black sun” IR leds. I plan to build a micro 940nm IR illuminator with this module.

Array specs:940nm IR illuminator will be based on this Osram Powerstar

  • Oslon 4 PowerStar IR LED arrays contain 4 Osram IR Oslon Black Series IR LEDs
  • Current range 100 to 1,000mA
  • Lifetime: Up to 100,000 Hours to 70% of original brightness
  • Mounting holes for M3 screws allow easy installation
  • Size (L x W x H): 20mm x 20mm x 3.85mm
  • Angle of half intensity: +-45 degrees
  • Forward voltage: 11.2V

LED (SFH4725S) specs:

  • IR OSLON Black
  • Half angle ±45°
  • typ. 990 mW
  • 425mW/sr at 1 A DC
  • Forward current 1000mA
  • Forward voltage 2.75V
  • Power consumption 3.4W


The module is quite expensive, around 70USD for the module and the heatsink. Ordered from EU, now I am waiting for the package.


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