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M150F micro quadcopter FPV maiden

Okay so here it is. First fpv flight of the prototype v4.
I have named it as M150F so I shall call it like that from now on.
“F” stands for the FullHD of course :-)

I think I have set the PIDs finally close to perfect (at least for my personal preferences),
unfortunately it is still very windy here so I can not proove it, and the picture is shaky because of the gusts.

The M150F micro quadcopter FPV maiden was made today.

For only the FPV part, go forward to 2:22


A longer continuous fpv video (8:40) will be uploaded soon, it is not too interesting
but one can see what this little bird can withstand in even higher, really bad winds.
We tested my friend’s 250 sized quad and mine 250 as well during the same session
and those birds can not hold as well in the winds as the M150F :-)

However, it would be really nice to have at least one sunny day without winds to make
some nice footage. I hope soon.


And the long flight (08:40):


175mAh remained in the 950mAh battery.

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