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Flight time test of the M150F micro quadcopter

I have tested the flight time of the M150F micro quadcopter today, just briefly in the garden.

Airborne for 09:30 minutes:

The PID tuning is not finished yet, so the picture quality is still bad.

I have charged back 847mAh into the 950mAH Nanotech battery,
so there is 100mAh more until the full exhaustion which would probably destroy the battery.

Upon this I judge, that 9+ minutes is achievable by fpv flying.
To be honest, I have set 8 minutes countdown time on my Futaba radio, this is a safe flight in any weather conditions.

Note that flying fpv in a similar altitude usually draws less current as the static hover.
Also note that this time is achieved while Mobius draws around 500mA and the vTX around 100mA.

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