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FullHD on M150 micro quadcopter achieved

Today I finished the last (ultimate) prototype, the V4.

I am proud to introduce the V4, capable of making fullHD video,
while keeping the 9 minutes flight time and having the same range as before, 300m.

It took me a lot of work to find out how and where to position all the devices,
but now it seems that every component has its place and the quad is still not crowded.
The upper side of the Mobius cam was sprayed by some PlastiDip, to protect the circuitry.

I have used the legacy PIDs, so some PID tuning will follow.
Even, I shall try different silicone tubes for better dampening.
But in overall, I am finished here.

The first video test I made with shorter silicone tubes and the picture is not satisfying.
In the second test I borrowed the yubes from my V3 quad, and the picture seems to be okay.
For sure, I will know it on a shiny day.





Unfortunately, this time I did not take pictures during the build.
However, mounting f the motors, escs, power distrib board, FC, RX is the same as before. The vTX is mounted at the rear, as always.

The difference is the double 12/5V DC converter mounted on the middle deck, and the camera mounted on the top deck.
Plus, I made a slight shape correction of the base deck, to strengthen it a bit,
that is why the AUW is not below 180g.

Now I am waiting for the good weather, and to get rid of the flu so I can go fly fpv.

10 minutes flight time can be achieved, until the battery is completely exhausted.
Rather I say 9 minutes, that is what is safe.

So FullHD on M150 micro quadcopter is achieved finally :-)


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