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Killing the jello

Today I made a few tests for killing the jello (eliminating it completely).

I have read a lot about anti-vibration solutions for lightweight cameras like this,
but could not find any satisfactory description.
The problem is that the keychain cam is only 17g, so it has not enough inertia
to dampen the unwanted wibes.
Most guys followed the solution of fixing the camera to the battery, where the weight of the battery was enough to act as a dampener.
In my case the battery is 45g only and positioned below the quad so I could not go that way.
Even, any heavier dampener solution is excluded because of the low AUW.

It seemed that the Sorbothane solution was close enough so I took the quad into the park for some testing.
Unfortunately there was a light wind and after checking the video I saw that I was far from the desired picture.

One can check it here:


What have not worked good enough were the following:
– hardmounted
– FC rubber based antivibration plate
– velcro
– sorbothane

Test with Sorbothane:


It seems that the only solution that works is the one I am using on my diy 300-sized quad.
A plate made with silicone tubes for dampening.
I have tried one of the old dampeners, designed for M300 earlier and was surprised
that it works fine!

Test with silicone:


So I decided to go this way, and now I am recalculating the plate sizes and silicon tube length to get a smaller and lighter dampener.
As soon as I am ready and test it successfully I shall publish it here.

HNY to everybody!

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