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M150 prototype 3 maiden

M150 prototype 3 is finally ready.

I have mounted the 808 #16 v3 keychain cam, as well as the 1280MHz vTX onto the quad.
The cam is powered from its own battery, I have only added a tiny adjustable DC converter for the vTX.
This time I set it to 5.15V, to have a slightly better range (more voltage more RF power),
I hope I am still on the safe side.
The converter and the vTX are stuck together with a double sided tape and shrink wrapped.
Some time ago I ordered more diy USB connectors so I created one for the 808 #16 v3.

The AUW is now 177g, which is less than the first prototype had, so I can keep the 10 minutes flight time

I made some tests today, but it was exceptionally windy so the results are hard
to evaluate. However, some dynamic balancing is needed, for sure.

This video I made by a LOS flight but with all fpv subsystems functioning:

Overall, I am satisfied

And some pics about the build:

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