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M150 prototype v3 build

Just finished the M150 prototype v3, I think I am on the good way to be able to add the neccessary load.
This time I used tiny speed controllers and tried to get rid of any possible weight.

The AUW is now 148g, with 2s/950mAh battery, this is without the FPV gear.
The vTX, camera and BEC will add approx. 25g, so still with the HD camera the quad
will remain below 180g.
That means that I can keep the 9-10 minutes dynamic flight time, while shooting in 720p.

I am thinking of using a heavier and stronger vTX, something in the 100-200mW range.


Prototype 3
frame: diy CNC’d from 2mm G10
m2m: 155mm
fc: Afromini32 rev.5 (white->5-16V)
motor: RCX 3100kv
esc: HK Multistar 6A w/Blheli FW
rx: Frsky D4R-II
dc coverter: none yet
props: 4×4.5
auw: 148g (2s/950mAh batt)
dynamic flight time: 10+ minutes

Changes to v2:

I have not cut the motor wires to be very short, rather wound it a few times around the arm, before soldering.
Very small and lightweight ESCs used.
Upper deck from thinner material (1.5mm G10)
Used the white version of Afromini32 (lighter, thinner board), that allow powering from 2s battery directly, so no BEC is needed.

There is a lot of power reserve in the quad, hover is around 30% throttle.

The 720p camera has already arrived, but I had not time yet to test it on the quad,
maybe this weekend.

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