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M150 micro fpv FullHD quadcopter – the concept

I am building quads for some time, but stuck on 300-size for quite a long time.

A few months ago I got an idea of building a lightweight quad, that fulfill the following:
– good penetration (able to fly behind creeks, trees, building structures)
– range (at least 300m@1m above ground)
– approx. 10min. flight time
– size (small enough to throw it into a backpack)
– size (big enough to fly in winds)
– toughness (ability to survive most of the crashes)
– null maintenance (brushless motors)

The main idea was to have a little quad that can fit into any backpack, together with the radio and video googles.
Then I can go e.g. cycling and stop at any place I want to fly.

I simply call it the M150 micro fpv FullHD quadcopter, aka M150F in the final version.

It will be most possibly the first brushless quad in the world that supports jello free FullHD video.

The first step was to order the main components, as light as possible.
When the FC, motors, escs arrived I designed the frame itself.

To keep the quad small enough, I did not want to go above 150mm m2m,
and although the motors can handle up 6″ props, I had to use 4″ props
to fit.
These still allow the neccessary power for dynamic flight and also
the flight time remains close to 10 minutes.

I was not sure about handling moderate winds, until the first flight tests.
Regarding the penetration, I was sure that it will be sufficient with the 1.3G gear.
The RC was not an option, as I am using the Frsky module with my Futaba
for a while and the receiver itself is quite small for this sized quad.

The final config I went for is the following:

prototype 1
frame: diy CNC’d from 2mm G10
m2m: 150mm
fc: Afromini32
motor: RCX 3100kv
esc: HK F-6A w/Simonk FW
rx: Frsky D4R-II
dc coverter 5V
props: 4×4.5 cut
vTX: RMRC pico 1280MHz 50mW (dipole antenna, LP)
cam: MC900D-V9
auw: 180g (2s/950mAh batt)
dynamic flight time: 8 minutes
vRX: LaserBGC 1.3G module, diy built into my RCV922 base googles
vRX antenna: 1280MHz tuned cloverleaf

prototype 2
frame: diy CNC’d from 2mm G10
m2m: 155mm
fc: Afromini32
motor: RCX 3100kv
esc: Argonaut 20A! (overkill I know but lightweight) w/Blheli FW
rx: Frsky D4R-II
dc coverter: double, 2s/5V, AMS1117
props: 4×4.5
auw: 179g (2s/950mAh batt)
dynamic flight time: 9 minutes

Prototype 1 has been tested in field, with cloverleaf antenna on the receiver.
The vRX has been diy built into my RCV922 Base googles, so I only attach the
antenna and go flying.
This way I did not have to sacrifice my 46FOV for the ability to receive 1.3G signal.

Camera and vTX will be the same for prototype 2.

Prototype 3 build is on the way, lighter escs will be used, frame will be
a bit reworked, final AUW should be less than 180g, hopefully less than 170g.


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