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Jello killer and Mobius added

The Mobius camera has finally been installed, as well as the Lawmate 2.4g TX.

I had to mill a new upper deck to deploy the Naze32 directly.
Now it is hanging from the upper deck, rather than to be mounted on the bottom deck.

I had time to workout the right PID settings for heading hold and altitude hold,
the transition from HORIZON mode to BARO mode is smooth,
altitude hold works as charm.

The new upper deck allows more spacing between the vTX and the LRS receiver,
and allows the Mobius to go to the top.
This way the propellers (7″ !) are out of the camera FOV.
Even this deployment allows to use a special jello dampener, which
kills most of the jello.

Flight time and effective range will be tested soon in the field.
The AUW is currently 620g with 2200mAh 3s batt and the quad hover at 40% throttle.
Will test 3000mAh battery as well, hover throttle should still remain around 50%.

The first vibration test of the camera shows good progress:


And some pics:

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