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M300 quadcopter full black version maiden

The M300 quadcopter full black version has finally made its first flight.

I had to decide between the Openpilot CC3D and the Naze32 to power the quad.
Ultimately, I gave my vote to Naze32 for various reasons but the main driver was the fact that it has still live support and is developing.

The final config is the following:

PHNX m300 diy fpv frame fully made from black G10
Naze32 FC
Sunnysky 2204s 2300kv motors
HK F-10A Simonized escs (2013-05-15 bs.hex)
HK 7×3.8SF nylon props
2200mAh 3s LiPo
AUW 520g

Surprisingly, the quad flies very nice with the factory settings.
No PID tuning was made yet, and the baro sensor is still uncovered.

So it does fly like this with everything on stock settings:


And some pics:

The flight time tested with the same rig was 15 minutes, without the fpv gear.

Next step after the fine tuning is that it gets the FPV gear, including 2.4G Lawmate vTX and Rlink LRS RX, plus the Mobius camera.
The AUW should not exceed the 600g after everything is fixed.
I await >10 min. flight time with that config.

Will do the long range tests soon and report back.


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