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Flight test with 7″ propellers

Unfortunately after a few flight tests one of my escs simply burnt down while spinning up before takeoff.
The reason is 99% described here:

Later on I reflashed all of my escs with another version of bs.hex and since
then, the quad flies like a dream.

Recently I exchanged the props for 7×3.8SF.
The quad flies surprisingly quietly with those, comparing to any different props.

You can see the flight test with 7″ propellers here:

And in the meantime I finished the first full black version.
Frame weight is 118g, M2M is 305mm.

Just like the previous versions, it is going to be powered by the Sunnysky 2204’s and driven by HK F-10A’s.
3s battery and 7″ props remain for sure to ensure there is always enough power.

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