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M300 quadcopter maiden

My smallest 300mm diy quad is finally ready and flown today.

The frame is able to hold any 45/36mm FC, so I voted for the KK2.0 for the first test.

I decided for the Sunnysky X2204S 2300kv motors, as they have the right punch

to twist 7″ propellers. Still, the current do not rise above ~9A, so any 10A speed controller

is suitable for this config.

The power test can be seen here:

I am using the Hobbyking F-10A escs, reflashed with Simonk code. Either they are small, light

and thin, so they comfortably fit the space between the lower decks.

I have cut some 8×4 plastic propellers to 7″ size.

Tested with 3S 2200mAh battery, the final AUW of this config w/o fpv gear is 440g,

with fpv gear it should still be below 500g.

Flight time not tested yet, but I assume it will be above 10 minutes.

The quad behaved very well despite the wind, however some fine tuning will be needed.

Watch the M300 quadcopter maiden here:



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