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M300 fpv quadcopter – the concept

By the time the 250 sized quads become popular I decided to create something similar, but slightly bigger, for long range flying (using LRS).

The primary aim is to have a lightweight but strong construction, allowing very long flight times (~15 minutes) at moderate distances.

To avoid problems with RF shielding, I voted for G10 glassfiber material that is rigid enough for the application.

As I have a hobby-grade CNC machine I went for creating own drawings and start testing the frame.

After the successful tests, the quad will be powered by the Rlink LRS system and Lawmate 2.4G 1W vTX.

…and introducing the newest family member, the M300 fpv quadcopter frame.

M2M 305mm, weight 126g.


Soon it will get the ZMR/Sunnysky high kv motors, and for the first try

it will be powered by the KK2.0. However, any 36mm/45mm FC can be used.

Clearance for power distro board and speed controllers is 10mm.

No vibration dampening for this prototype, I hope it wont be needed at all.





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