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BB gun added (rover armed)

Finally found time for finishing the project (first draft, at least). A mini uzi has been added to get the rover armed.

The gun:

Feed and capacity:

The Well D93 has been modified a bit and positioned upside down. The chamber for the BB bullets has been reversed as well.
For now, a simple tube has been added for feeding the chamber. The capacity of the tube is ~30 BBs.

Power supply:

First I tried to power the gun with 6V from a DC-DC converter but the fire rate was as high that it caused malfunction while feeding, so I decided for 5V.
By using this voltage, feeding is correct and the fire rate is still affordable.
The only problem was that the cheapo chinese DC converter provided insufficient current for the gun so it could not work.
I had to order another one, with 5A throughput current. It was delivered a few days ago and built onto the vehicle.


The trigger has been taken out and replaced by an RC channel controlled electronics. It triggers when the channel PWM rate is over 50%.
The Arduino code has been modified accordingly. Fire duration has been set to 500ms.

The fpv gear:

For now, the vehicle got my old 200mW 5.8G trasmitter with a very light and small 520TVL 5V camera. Only bench test has been made so far.
Video shot in the field will follow soon.

As the tilt servo holds the full weight of the gun platform it can be easily damaged while rasing in the field.
The weapon will be initially set into a parking position and raised only when armed.
For this, some modification in the Arduino code is needed.
The fpv range may be insufficient, first field tests will show ho much. Consider using a 900MHZ gear.

The bench test of functions:
(warning, commands and description in Hungarian language only – yet)

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