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Rover field test

Some more progress has been made.
The stock microphone has been exchanged for a noise cancelling one.
Speech recognition rate is now close to 100%.

More commands are going to be implemented into the code, for speed adjusting and turret control.
I am thinking of building a kinda pointer for the turret (as both my hands are free during RC control),
something similar to the Wii Nunchuk but in a manner of point and shoot. Seeking for technical solutions.

So I decided to go for the rover field test. Check here:

In the meantime the airsoft weapon for the turret has arrived.
I decided for a Well D93 because it can be bought and delivered to EU quite cheap.
The bullet feed mechanism is gravity based only and is not the best I have ever seen but it hopefully does the job.
The mini uzi will be dismantled and rebuilt as a turret soon.

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