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Speech recognition connected to RC module

There is a new progress with the speech recognition connected to RC module.

The DHT HF module has arrived some time ago and now it is connected to the
Arduino board and EasyVR module.
For some time I was fighting with the connection of Arduino output signal to the HF module.
With the help of some guys from the local RC forum now it is working well.
By modifying some existing codes now I am able to generate clean PPM signal via Arduino board and send it out to the HF module.

Everything works as expected (no servo jitter and such), until I start using the EasyVR module.
For some reason (most possibly waiting for some slow interrupts) the servo connected to my receiver jitters, sometimes quite badly.
I am trying to find a solution for this but there is also a plan B to use 2 Arduino boards, one for generating the PPM signal and one for speech recognition.
That way there should not be any interrupt problem, thus, any servo jitter.

For now there is a short video about the progress:


For any case, I am ordering another Arduino board and hope it will arrive within one week so I can continue with the project.

In the meantime, I found a solution for the airsoft turret. Soon I will describe it here.

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