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Pan/tilt head added

The pan/tilt head from Robotshop finally arrived, as well as my 20kg/cm Bluebird servos.
So I exchanged the former Hitec servos for the Bluebirds. They are a bit noisy as they are digital, but they do nice job.

The tilt mechanics has been fixed to the pan base. The FOV is ~120 degrees which is comfortable for FPV riding and turret aiming.
The movement of pan/tilt is fast enough for future aiming.
An 1lbs airsoft handgun has been fixed on it and tested the movement. So far so good.
Unfortunately the mechanical structure of the gun does not allow to pull the trigger with any kinda servo, while it is too stiff.
I need to find some other turret solution.

For now, here is a short video and some pictures:


For easiness of control, I am using the right potmeter on my radio (AIL,ELE) for riding and the left potmeter (THR, RUD) for the pan/tilt head control.


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