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First steps of the beast

I made some progress during the weekend.

As my 20kg/cm servos are still on the way I decided to throw in some 4.7kg/cm servos for initial tests and went hill climbing.
I was a bit afraid as the rover is quite heavy, about 15lbs, and there is just the basic electronics built yet, so It will get heavier soon.

The first steps of the beast can be seen here:


The motors are surprisingly strong enough for climbing on rough terrain. The servos lack power but are comfortably usable for the ride.
Nothing is warming up, neither motors, nor servos or escs during a 10 minutes ride.
I have charged back ~1Ah into my 5Ah LiPo after the full ride.

The only problem is that I do not have a programming card to this specific esc (always backordered @HK).
Thus, I am not able to set the brake power correctly.
This way sometimes happens that if there is not enough time left after a brake for forward or reverse drive I get only 2WD.
However, after the braking when I wait ~1-1.5 sec then all the wheels are powered again.

Another thing is, when I do a sudden brake while driving forward the back wheels stop immediately while the front ones slow down gently.
The same is true for the opposite direction. This is because of the mix on the radio and can be corrected by programming the brake on both escs.

However, the vehicle will not function as a crawler so it does not matter much If I have only 2WD for a few seconds. But it is annoying a bit.

And here is the first test of stair climbing:


In the meantime the pan/tilt unit arrived from Robotshop so maybe tomorrow it will be the next to assembly and test.
Ohh, I did not mention that the rover will be equipped with a pan/tilt unit that will serve as a kinda turret holder , did I?
For first tests it will host a well-known type airsoft handgun. Later on the same platform will host something different…

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