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Voice command (speech recognition)

This is where the project recently is.

The steering servos are on the way, the pan/tilt system with the servos is on the way, the GPS is on the way
and now I am thinking of an APM 2.x module for waypoint navigation to buy.
I would need to buy the video transmitter for FPV so I do not have to relocate the existing from my quadcopter.

However, in the meantime there came an idea about alternative RC control so I went for it.


Arduino based RC control with speech recognition module

The main idea is quite simple: get a speech recognition module, bind it to a microcontroller and send the output PPM signal to a HF module.
Get the servos move on the other side, 1km far away.

Most similar projects use the speech module to drive a car locally, i.e. in the range of its microphone.
When you are more than few metres from the car it is useless.
For FPV purpose, the signal generated by the speech commands need to get to the receiver, far far away.

The hardware chosen:
Veear EasyVR module (shield) with mic
Arduino Uno
8 ohm 3W speaker

The SR modul cost me ~60$ and the Arduino board ~20$.

For the code I borrowed the RCLibrary for arduino, written by dvdouden and a piece of script I found in the net for light control by easyvr module.
By creating a symbiosys between them it seems that this idea comes to life.

For testing the PPM output, I have made a simple mono audio cable.
One side of it goes to the PC microphone, and the center of the other side to the arduino digital output pin where the PPM signal comes out.
The PPM output and channel behaviour is tested by the PPM Audio program.

There is still so much to tune in the code but the result with this version can be seen here:


For the HF part, I have ordered this modul from HK: FrSky DHT 8ch DIY Telemetry Compatible Transmitter Module.
Unfortunately, it is still on the way…

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